(CLOSED) Get Healthy Challenge: Week 3 Check In

Wow…Can you believe we only have one more week for this months challenge?? Keep up with your goals and don’t sell yourself short.

Week 3 requires commitment and persistence. The adrenaline you had in week 1, may be gone and your focus in week 2 may have been tossed to the side. If this does not describe you at all – you rock!!!! However if this is exactly you then we need to get it together and finish out this month with a bang!  Your daily affirmations are crucial, because when you think you can’t — YOU CAN!

I am looking forward to reading all of your check in entries. Be sure to encourage each other by commenting on each others comments.

Check In Questions

1. JUICE  – How many days did you juice last week (week 2)? Have you noticed any changes in your mind, body, skin, health, energy since you began juicing 3 weeks ago?

OPTIONAL – Share with us the name of the blender/juicer. How do you feel about your blender/juicer.  This info may be helpful for people looking for a new device.

OPTIONAL – share your favorite recipe!

2. MOVE – Did you meet your movement goals last week (week 2)? Do you feel a change in your energy or body since you started moving? What is your favorite activity?

3. AFFIRM – Reflect on this picture, Are you good enough?

In addition to the check in questions, you can com here and check in as often as you want. Feel free to share anything on your mind. Something you are excited to share. Suggestions: Something new you tried. The  calories you burned in the gym. The miles you ran/walked. The cheeseburger/pizza/fried chicken/cake you turned down. The pant size you dropped to. The pounds you lost.  Share anything you want!

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